Is 22q11.2DS Inherited?

For the most part, 22Q11.2DS is not inherited. For many people with 22Q11.2DS, the deletion happened by chance in the egg or sperm before conception took place.

It is only in about 10% of cases that one of the parents has the deletion and passes it on to his / her child (i.e., about 90% of cases are due to sporadic mutations).

However, if a parent does have the deletion, there is a 50% chance of them passing it on to his / her child with every pregnancy.

Also, in cases where parents have a child with the deletion, and where neither of the parents have the deletion, there is still a small chance (about 1% – 2%) of them having another baby with the deletion.

So . . . the important point here for many parents to remember is that nothing they did (or failed to do) caused the deletion to occur.