Book Chapters (In Press)

Block play for reducing anxiety in children

Choy, W.-w., S., Mc Guckin, C., & Twomey, M. Effectiveness of peer-mediated block play for reducing anxiety in children aged 4 to 6 years with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder. In S. Adeyemi (Ed.), Learning disabilities in the 21st century. London: ProudPen. (ISBN: 978-1-914266-00-3).

Contemporary approaches to cyberbullying intervention

Espino, E., del Rey, R., Mora-Merchan, J., & Mc Guckin, C. Cyberbullying interventions for victims and bullies: Contemporary approaches.  In Angel Nga Man Leung, Kevin Ka Shing Chan, Catalina Sau Man Ng, & John Chi-Kin Lee (Eds), Cyberbullying and values education: Implications for family and school education.

Bronfenbrenner and Universal Design for Learning (UDL): A tale of two theories of inclusion

Quirke, M., Ren, K., & Mc Guckin, C. Bronfenbrenner and Universal Design – A tale of two theories for inclusion. In K. Carr-Fanning & G. Niolaki (Eds), Psychology for educational inclusion: Identifying and supporting children with SEND. Open University Press.