Intern Students


I am happy to host students (often undergraduates) for the summer months to aid in current research projects or to undertake new novel research. See below for a list of current and previous interns to get an idea of what being an intern involves!


Caitlyn Sebastian

Caitlyn is from Randolph, New Jersey, and she is currently earning a double major Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology as well as Politics & International Affairs with a minor in Neuroscience from Wake Forest University in North Carolina. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology and earn her PhD. During the 2018 summer, Caitlyn is going to be working with Dr. McGuckin of Trinity College Dublin on research with 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome while taking classes through a Boston University study abroad program. Through this research, she hopes gain further research experience and expand the application of her psychology studies. While in Dublin she also hopes to experience the culture of the city and the people of Ireland for a truly authentic study abroad experience.

She can be reached by email at: and found on LinkedIn

Stephanie Stewart-Hill

Stephanie Stewart-Hill is from New Paltz, New York and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology from the University at Buffalo. She is majoring in Psychology and minoring in Statistics and Spanish. This summer (2018), Stephanie will be working with Conor of Trinity College Dublin on research geared toward understanding the current educational environments in Ireland for individuals with learning disabilities. She is thrilled to experience the Irish culture and help promote higher educational quality for people with learning disabilities here in Dublin, Ireland. Through working with Conor, she hopes to appreciate the process of research in practice and have an overall insightful experiential learning internship.

She can be reached by email at:

Michelle Bartlett

Michelle Bartlett is an undergraduate student from the University of Notre Dame, interning for Dr. Conor Mc Guckin at the School of Education Trinity College Dublin.  Her research this summer is focusing on inclusive education practices for students with rare diseases, with a special focus on 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome. With little public awareness about the second most common neurogenetic syndrome, she is passionate about spreading knowledge and contributing to the literature on 22q11.2 DS. This summer has afforded her with the opportunity to present for the first time at a conference (Learner Voice Conference June 2015) which was an unforgettable experience. She has hopes to attend medical school and is very excited to be allowed to take part in this new research!

She can be reached by email at:

Leigh Scanlon

Leigh Scanlon came to Dublin looking for the opportunity to experience a new culture while contributing to psychological research. After joining Lizzy Welch and Michelle Bartlett, under the supervision of Conor Mc Guckin, Leigh was given the opportunity to project manage research on social media, contribute to the research of 22q deletion syndrome and help develop presentations including, but not limited to the subject of suicidology. Through the numerous opportunities Leigh has engaged in, she has greatly furthered both her knowledge of research and personal growth. Leigh grew up in the suburbs outside of San Francisco, California and in the fall will continue her undergraduate studies in psychology at Chapman University in Orange, California. Following graduate school Leigh plans to open her own private practice in the mental health sector and specialize in Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Leigh has the lifetime goal of helping to break stigma associated with mental health and help those experiencing mental health troubles. Due to her time as an intern and especially with the work she has done on the 22q deletion syndrome project, Leigh is now better equipped to understand how awareness of and treatment of health complications are approached in another country. She will apply this knowledge to her future work.

She can be reached by email at:

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Welch

Lizzy Welch was born and raised in Overbrook, a small town in Kansas, is starting her last year of undergraduate study at the University Of Kansas (KU). She is studying psychology and is planning on taking a gap year before continuing on to graduate school and studying social welfare to become a high school guidance counselor. While interning in Ireland she had been focusing on Behavioral Economics theory of Nudging behavior, and designing and completing a case study on the topic of, a promising assistive technology, founded in Limerick, Ireland,  created to help include children with Special Education Needs into the current school curriculum. She hopes to make innovative technologies and techniques such as this more common in schools, so all children have better chances at succeeding, both academically and socially.

She can be reached by email at:


Sarah Tait

Kate Carr-Fanning