External Examination, Validation, & Expert Evaluation 2015-08-24T13:07:20+00:00

External Examination, Validation, & Expert Evaluation



External Validation and Expert Review

    • External Expert (Human Functioning) for the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia: FCT): 2009 – present.


    • External Advisor for the validation of the joint ICEPE (Institute of Child Education and Psychology Europe) / University of East London (UEL) MA programme: MA Special and Additional Learning Needs.


    • External Expert for Oscail in relation to the development of the programme documentation for their Psychology undergraduate programme.


    • External Reviewer for the Advanced Diploma in Professional Development (Adv. Dip. PD) Inclusive Education, a collaborative programme between the Institute of Child Education and Psychology Europe (ICEPE) and The School of Education at Queen’s University Belfast.


    • Mid Life Review Panel for the Open University programmes: DSE212 Exploring Psychology, DXR222 Exploring Psychology Residential School [Project], and DZX222 Exploring Psychology [Online Project] programmes.


    • Validation Panel for the Higher Education and Training Awards Council (HETAC) in respect of BA (Hons) Arts degree programme (Level 8: National Framework of Qualifications) proposed by Independent Colleges.


    • Evaluation Panel for the CertHE in Combined Social and Behavioural Sciences (a level 1 programme: equivalent to Year One of a Degree course) at the Portadown Campus of Southern Regional College, a Partner College of University of Ulster.





External Examiner: Programmes

    • External Examiner for Coventry University’s B.A. (Hons) Childhood and Youth Studies (2015 – 2019).


    • External Examiner for Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) Recognised Undergraduate Degree in Psychology: National College of Ireland (2015 – 2018).


    • External Examiner for Postgraduate Certificate Special Education and Additional Needs / Postgraduate Diploma Special Education and Additional Needs / Masters in Arts Special Education and Additional Needs (including online): Institute of Child Education and Psychology Europe (ICEPE) and the University of East London (2014 – 2017).


    • External Examiner for Masters in Coaching Practice: University College Cork (2013 – 2016).


    • External Examiner for Masters in Applied Psychology (Coaching): University College Cork (2013 – 2016).


    • External Examiner for Masters in Applied Psychology (Guidance Counselling): University College Cork (2012 – 2015) (2015 – 2018).


    • External Examiner for HETAC Level 6 programmes: International School of Business (2010 – 2012).





External Examiner: Research Degree


    • Niels Jacob, Ph.D., Open University of the Netherlands (2015)
      • Online Pestkoppenstoppen: Development and evaluation of an online computer-tailored intervention for low-educated cyberbullying victims.


    • Theresa Cleary, Ph.D., Univerity of Ulster (2013)
      • Music performance anxiety in children within the context of practical music exams.


    • Justin Rami, Ph.D., Dublin City University (2012)
      • The influence of Europe’s education policies on the development of learning & assessment in the context of a higher education Institution in Ireland.


    • Margaret Denny, Ph.D., University College Cork (2008)
      • Exploring how teaching for multiple intelligence using a multiple intelligence teaching approach affected student achievement in an undergraduate nursing education programme in Ireland.






Internal Examiner: Research Degree


    • Jonanta Burke, PhD, Trinity College Dublin (2015)
        • Measuring well-being of adolescents displaying cyber aggression.


    • Silvia Gallagher, PhD, Trinity College Dublin (2015)
        • A cross-cultural investigation of online community newcomer behaviour.


    • Paul Condell, D.Ed., Trinity College Dublin (2015)
        • Special education needs in further education.


    • Michele Joann Dunleavy-Lavin, D.Ed., Trinity College Dublin (2013)
        • Autism Spectrum Disorder in Irish schools


    • Patricia Mc Carthy, PhD, Trinity College Dublin (2013)
        • Expectations you encounter: The educational experiences and transition choices / opportunities of blind / vision impaired people in the Republic of Ireland.


    • Genevieve Murray, PhD, Trinity College Dublin (2013)
      • Teacher-on-teacher workplace bullying in the post-primary sector of the Irish education system.