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Books (In Preparation)

Applying Positive Psychology to School, Career, and Guidance Counselling

Burke, J., Mc Guckin, C., & Kilmartin, D. Applying positive psychology to school, career and guidance counselling.

Reframing Bullying: Effective Coping, Resilience, and Successful Intervention

Corcoran, L., Burke, J., & Mc Guckin, C. Reframing bullying: Effective coping, resilience, and successful intervention.

Cyberbullying: A Special Issue

Mc Guckin, C., & Corcoran, L. (Eds.). Cyberbullying: A special issue. Hong Kong: Societies.

Bereavement in Schools

O’Brien, A. M., & Mc Guckin, C. Bereavement and grief: A cross-border study of school policy and support provision.