In advance of the first supervision meeting, here are a couple of things to think about and consider:

You have already submitted a research proposal . . . but you might have changed your mind about some aspect of what you ‘committed to paper’ a little while ago. This is ‘research’ – the ideas
change and the research process, because it is indeed research and exploration, often leads to changes in the initial proposal. So, in advance of that first meeting, have a think about how the
research proposal has changed, how you have developed your ideas etc.

In advance of meeting for the first time, perhaps synopsise these changes and email them to me – just a brief overview of what you are planning, what might have changed, any issues that might now
arise (e.g., ethical, methodological, time-frame etc.).

At least that would give me some time before the meeting to also have a think about the changes. It will also give me a chance to consider (or re-consider) any recommendations / changes that I
might suggest too.

Doing this will make the first meeting much more productive. Try to get this to me about a week in advance of meeting up – this will give me a chance to fit the reading into my planning for the
week ahead.

See you soon 🙂

Conor 🙂



Posted on 15th May, 2015. Copyright Conor Mc Guckin