Do you know what R.T.F.M. means?

The likelihood is that, if you are registered for a Masters, D.Ed., or PhD, your supervisor will, at some point, reply to a query with . . . R.T.F.M.

If you get this reply, it means that you have asked a simple question that you would / should know the answer to . . . if you read the Course Handbook.

That is . . . “R”ead  “T”he  “F” _ _ _ _  “M”anual.

Loosely interpreted as “Don’t ask stupid questions and don’t waste my time”

So, pay heed to the Course Handbook and other documentation – academics don’t spend time writing these for no reason.  Be an independent researcher and keep on top of your brief.


Conor 🙂



Posted on 15th May, 2015. Copyright Conor Mc Guckin